Friday, July 9, 2010

A Stroll Through Meadow

Hi new friends! Welcome to our very first blog post.  We're so excited to be starting a blog so our customers, friends and fellow fashionistas can revel in all the delightful little gems we have to offer.  If your cute high heels can't seem to get you to our shop here in Seattle, don't worry! This blog is still for you.  We'll be chatting about fashion and home accessories...and we know you'll love it!

Today I'm giving you a quick tour of our boutique:

Kitchen goods

Beautiful baking books
Cards for every occasion
Clutches and wallets
Coffee table books


Dressing rooms
Shop 'till you drop!

Here are some of our new arrivals this week!

There you have it, sweet friends.  This is our boutique and we hope you will enjoy following all things glamorous.



Linda said...

Wow I love it? So many cute outfits...can't wait to stop in and pick something up when I come in April! Thanks for the tour.

liz said...

I am booking my flight now, there are so many cute things!

Chelsea said...

Cute outfits! I wish there was an online store.

Helen said...

Hi there! I used to go to SPU and walk around Queen Anne all the time! But that was back in the day... wish you were around then. It would've been lovely to be able to check out your store in person and see all the pretties there. Maybe when I visit in April... all the way from the Midwest!

Alana's Crafts said...

Ok, so I am glad that this store is not where I live. I would never have any money, But I sure would have some cute clothes.

I lied...I do wish this store was near me.

Randi Lynn said...

I'm pretty much in love.

leanne said...

This store is soooo fun! Wish I lived near by so I could venture in and make some purchases!!

Kristen Peterson said...

I love the mix of clothes, gifts, accessories and home goods! Looks like a very fun store!