Sunday, January 30, 2011

Je t'aim Paris

Meadow loves all things vintage and pretty, so naturally we adore Paris themed goodies.  We have a variety of notebooks, trinkets, picture frames and art that show our love for Paris.

One of a kind cards:

Gift Tags:

Framed Prints:

Wall Art:

Our New Arrivals this week are fabulous and sweet!

Sophisticated Lace Dress and Brown Leggings:

Green Top with Colorful Details:

Girlie Pink Dress and White Cardigan

We'd love to have you come by! And be sure to come back around Valentine's Day for a great giveaway!

Have a wonderful week :)



Megan said...

Love all of the new clothes! Especially the pink dress!

Nikki said...

Adorable! But brrrr!

Pearls&Politics said...

How much is this crown photo!? I love it!

Sue said...

I love the Paris themed items! Any chance that you'll locate a store in the Mall of America ; )