Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday! Seattle is sunny this weekend, which is rare!

This week at Meadow we got some fun little things in our shop.  First, some cute perfumes:

Yummy candles:

Mini size, too! Perfect for gifts, as they come in a set of three:

Look at this colorful serving tray! I could see a little vignette of magazines, a cold lemonade, and a delicious smelling candle all arranged on the tray for a day in Spring.

Now for our New Arrivals!
My friend Sarah and I did some modeling for your viewing pleasure (:
Cute little black blouse that can be worn as a shirt or a dress with leggings!

Lovely gray and peach empire waste top. Sarah is 14 weeks pregnant, so this flowy shirt is perfect for her baby bump!
Adorable red printed tank with an army green 3/4 length coat. Perfect for spring!

Hope you're all having a wonderful start to your week! Here's to the sunshine!


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Megan said...

I love that first top/dress! I want to visit Meadow!