Saturday, June 4, 2011

Candles, Soaps & Cupcakes!

Hello, friends...happy Saturday! 
 Each week when I take photo's for the blog, I'm always so excited to capture all our goodies.  This week I was ultra-excited though, because we have more cute things than I've ever seen. I could barely choose which items to show you :)

So, here we go!
The front table has some adorable new candles (that smell amazing!)

One of the best home decor coffee table books I've seen:

Delicious smelling soap, too!

Everyone loves cupcakes, so here's my all-time favorite cupcake recipe book!

Little single cupcake stands:

Our dresses are simply adorable. I had to practice lots of self control in not buying every single one!

We have 4 new maxi dresses in... here's one of my favorites:

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful first weekend in June :)

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