Monday, July 11, 2011

The In's & Out's of Meadow

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Shelley, the owner of Meadow, to find out more about the boutique!  My favorite part of my week is always going to visit Shelley and see all the new clothes and accessories, so finding out even more about her and how she started my favorite boutique was a treat :)

Michaela: When did you know you wanted to open and own your own boutique?

Shelley: I can't remember exactly when I started to think about having my own store, my mother seems to remember my interest quite young. I really started to think about it more seriously with the more time I spent working in small boutiques. I developed an appreciation for the uniqueness of small, independently owned stores. I really prefer an atmosphere that allows me to get to know my customers.

Michaela: Since I know you personally, I know you took some time to gear up for opening Meadow in another state. Where'd you go and what'd you do while you were there?

Shelley: Before opening Meadow I knew I was making a huge commitment and sacrifice of my time and energy. I really couldn't wait! It seemed like the ideal time to step away from everything and clear my head before jumping in. I decided to take my last opportunity for myself to travel for a bit and fly to NYC. Nothing is more inspirational than a great city like New York. In a sense, I ended up not clearing my head, but filling it with new ideas and plans for the store that I wanted to create. 

MichaelaHow'd you come up with the name Meadow for your boutique?

Shelley: In preparation for opening the store, I had never really thought about naming it. My first thought was something floral... I went through many options Latin names something in another language that sounded pretty... So many names had already been taken. One morning while laying in bed I thought about what words would only be associated with something positive, light filled, beautiful, airy, all the things I hoped the store to be... Meadow would that work? I had to run it by a few people before considering it seriously. The store evolved in someways from the name and its meaning. 

MichaelaYou run your boutique so well and have such a creative eye for displays and everything.  What do you think are some of the most important qualities to have or things to remember when owning your own shop?

Shelley: This is a hard one to answer. I could say so many things. Most importantly I would say "stay creatively inspired"... that means getting out and continuing to see what's going on with color and design trends. I also think knowing your customer is really important being in your store and knowing how people respond to what you are doing so that you see what works and what doesn't. Lastly, continue to do what you love if you are happy being a store owner it will show in your store.

Michaela: What's your favorite part of your job?

Shelley: My favorite part of my job is hearing someone say, "I was wearing that cute dress I bought here and I got so many compliments".  It's so amazing when I know my customers are enjoying what they purchased and take the time to let me know. I really love working on displays, too-- it gives me the opportunity to be totally creative. I'm thinking about what I'll do next even when I'm not working!

Michaela: Do have any hobbies?

Shelley: In my spare time I, not too surprisingly, love to spend time in other people's stores, especially antique stores. I love old vintage things that have been loved long enough to develop some character. I'm always on the search for pieces of furniture to display on. I would also consider myself really good at bargain shopping I'm thinking about publishing a book some day about how to find the best things affordably.

Michaela: What is your favorite thing about Seattle?

ShelleySeattle is such an amazing city. I have considered many times relocating, only to come back to my roots and realize that Seattle has a lot to offer. Each neighborhood has its own personality and unexpected treasures. I really hope Seattlite's and visitors take the time to get to know their beautiful city and of course come check out Meadow!

Isn't it fun to hear how a shop began? So inspiring! Thank you, Shelley, for sharing :)


katie [the bright life] said...

Yay Meadow!! Shelley, yours is one of the best boutiques I've ever been to, and I would frequent it ALL the time if I lived closer, and the few pieces I got at the blogger meet-up are still some of my faves! Best of luck with the shop! Xo, Katie

Ashley said...

I read Michaela's blog and I just love her!

Meadow looks like a great boutique store... maybe some day I'll get to stop by. My cousin is going to school in Tacoma this fall, so it might be sooner rather than later. (:

I love how you said to stay 'creatively inspired'... that is so important in many walks of life.