Thursday, February 9, 2012

Red Dresses & Bath Time Fun

Happy Thursday! Today we are showing you some of our favorite new arrivals at Meadow! We're changing it up and sharing our clothing first this week :)

First up is this sweet, red, patterned little number...

Another fun and bright red dress, perfect for the 14th :)

A lacey blue dress...

 And an adorable flowy bird blouse...

Does your man need a little hint in what to get you for Valentine's Day this year? Maybe you should show him this table in our window. It's full of girly bath products- nothing short of a relaxing day at home, complete with a bubble bath.

Fruity and flowery body scrubs:

Bubble bath (in the neatest little bottle!)

Yummy smelling lotion...
 And some great soaps, too!

We hope to see you soon and hope your week is coming to a lovely close :)
Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! Do something you love.

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Beth said...

Everything looks so Beautiful and Sweet, I especially love the first dress!