Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bundle Up

We're super excited to show you our new arrivals! First up, we've got some great new iPhone4 cases. They're stylish and colorful- you're bound to find one that suits you!

Here's my favorite:

We also have some beautiful new jewelry. 
Take a look at our earrings...some are classic, some are delicate and some are super fun!

Sparkly rock rings:

Cute flowered stud earrings:

Turquoise necklace:

Patterned hair clips:

Don't know about where you live, but here in Seattle, it's already the beginning of our cold months! In preparation, we've got you covered with some fabulously warm coats!

If you button this one up, it looks like a combination of a cape and poncho. Totally on trend for the season.

Raging red:

Casual Dark Gray:

Sweet and Sassy Light Gray:

I just love the buttons and the pleats by the pockets.

So there ya have it- our new arrivals for the third week of October. Can't believe we're halfway through the month already! That means the leaves are just about ready to change color in our neck of the woods :)

Happy Sunday!

1 comment:

Kate said...

I love Shelley and I love this store. I'm going to own every single one of those earrings one day! Hands down, best boutique in the state of Seattle!