Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dishes, Soap, & Pretty Dresses!

Well, it's the 3rd week of October, but you wouldn't know it in Seattle with the weather we had last week- all sun! This week, though, the clouds and rain are back. So, we invite you to come take a look around Meadow for some cozy things!

Here are some of our new things...
These cute little dishes just arrived today!

Perfect for jewelry, a candle, soap and more!

Speaking of soap, we've got lots of it. Check out our delicious smelling bars:

I'm loving these new arrivals, also...
A sweet new navy blue dress:

Orange for fall:

Black and white knit top:

Jazzed up with some buttons:

Last, but not least, a simple black and white striped sweater:

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead!

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